HypersoniQ Cartridge (Single)


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*Due to global shortages we are currently in backorder for the HypersonIQ Cartridge. We have been working diligently to alleviate this situation and are happy to inform you that progress has been made in both our procurement and manufacturing processes. As of today we expect HypersonIQ Cartridges to be available for order processing and shipment starting mid-August 2021.*


The HypersoniQ Cartridge houses the Flyp Nebulizer's vibrating stainless steel disk and a 6ml medication reservoir. 

Keep an extra cartridge on hang as an extra or a replacement. Cartridges would be changed when, despite proper cleaning and maintenance, extended treatment times or visual wear is observed. Replacement every 3-6 months is suggested as a best-practice. 

*Notice to customers: The HypersonIQ Cartridge is compatible only with current-generation Flyp Nebulizer devices, manufactured after October of 2019

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