Three 'Travel Hacks'

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Traveling soon?

According to everyones favorite furry forecaster, Punxsatwaney Phil, there wasn't a shadow to be seen two weeks ago. So by his method, spring will arrive early. We understand this isn't the most scientific model available, but its cold up here in Connecticut and we'll take any warm weather news we can get!

Now is the time for that final winter trip or maybe a few days away with the family for the kids' spring break from school. If you're like the millions of sufferers of respiratory conditions like COPD or asthma, travel can be a bit anxiety-inducing. Not to fret! Here are 3 simple travel hacks that could make your spring trip smooth sailing (driving, flying...).

Hack 1 - Pack like a pro!

Trips by car offer travelers a bit of freedom, but what about those flights? Knowing the rules of your airline and TSA will allow you to confidently carry the items you need for a safe and comfortable flight. 

The TSA special procedures site notes that nebulizers like Flyp can be carried on but may need to be removed from your suitcase in screening. Your liquid inhalation solutions may be carried on and are not restricted by the 3-1-1 rule.

Hack 2 - Mask up!

While sharing an arm rest with your neighbor in row 34 may be unavoidable, we suggest avoid sharing germs - or at least giving it your best effort. 

Pack a high quality cone mask for your flight, and you can don it while waiting for your flight and on the plane. 

 Hack 3 - Safety in knowledge!

Traveling away from home likely means temporarily moving outside of the immediate reach of your care team. At home, we have access to trusted people who know our medical history and have played a role in keeping us healthy for years. While they're not necessarily portable (unless you're working with THAT kind of travel budget, in which case feel free to send us an invite) your information is!

There are a host of medical apps out there to store information like your allergies, emergency contacts, and your action plan. Apple Health Records is a favorite around our office, and it has the benefit of being free. You can also DIY this with a simple google sheet shared with your trusted friends and family members. If you're storing personal health information, make sure whichever tool you use has suitable HIPAA precautions in place. 

Bon Voyage!

We hope the information in the blog will help you to have a fun and safe trip, wherever life takes you! We love to see our customers traveling with Flyp Nebulizer, so please tag us in your social media posts on:

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