Hot List! 4 Breath-Friendly Gifts

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The busy holiday season is coming up before we know it.  Gift giving is not always easy, especially when buying for those affected by allergies.  Here is a guide to find that perfect gift for your special someone that they will both use and appreciate.

4. Vacuum Cleaner:

Ok, the ol' dust buster doesn't immediately evoke feelings of holiday cheer - but just hear us out on this one.

One of the best ways to prevent allergens in your home is to always be proactively cleaning! HEPA vacuums, or those with HEPA bags and filters are the most effective for cleaning and trapping small particles.  Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Shark Navigator - Anti-Allergy Liftaway - $119 at Amazon
  2. Dyson - V7 Absolute - $199 from Dyson

3. Home Air Humidifier

Dry air in our homes comes hand and hand with the holiday season.  Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent irritation caused by the dry cold air, and can also be beneficial in treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips.  Coming in all different shapes, price points, and sizes - linked below are a few of our staff's picks: 

  1. Pure Enrichment - MistAire Silver - $48 at Kohls
  2. Dyson - AM10 Humidifier - $350 at Amazon

2. Air Purifier:

When the air quality gets bad, so can our breathing. We can't control all of our environments but with today's air purification technology we can make our homes or offices a true breath of fresh air.

Having trouble deciding which model is best? has created a comprehensive guide complete with helpful information about air purifiers and top picks based on expert testing. Check it out here

Spoiler alert: Their team found the Conway Mega Air Mega lineup to be the overall best. 

1. Portable Nebulizer:

Honestly, what did you expect? This is the Flyp Nebulizer blog after all...  But seriously, we think the ultimate gift of the holiday season for a nebulizer user is the experience of freedom and liberty offered by true pocket-portability. 

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From our families to yours, we wish you all the joy this holiday season!