Flyp rides for Lung Force

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As a proud partner of the American Lung Association and Lung Force, Flyp was thrilled to be a part of the SoulCycle Lung Force Charity Ride. Lung Force unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together against lung cancer and for lung health.

It was amazing to see participants riding for their loved ones. Each person had a different story as to “why he or she ride” and whom he or she was riding for. 

All ticket sales supported the Lung Force Walk Westchester, which is taking place on June 16th at 9:30am at Manhattanville College. 

Some quotes we heard from the event:

“Wow, that is perfect for my niece who is going on vacation next month. She doesn’t have asthma attacks often, but you just never know. Flyp would be perfect to have on hand to keep us all at ease.”

“My sister is going away to college this year and those big nebulizers can be embarrassing with all the tubes and noise. This is something I know would be extremely helpful.”

“I’m going to need this before the ride! Ha."