Breathe freely


With the world’s first HypersoniQ™ powered, truly pocket portable nebulizer,

Flyp is liberating users from the constraints of managing asthma and COPD.

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  • Travel well.

    The lightest and smallest nebulizer to be cleared by the FDA. Meets TSA/FSA requirements for air travel.

  • Never slow down.

    Treatments in as little as 7 minutes.

  • UNPLUG and uncomplicate.

    No tubes, plugs, or compressors. Just Fill, Click, Breathe.

  • Relax and recharge.

    Flyp is whisper quiet and recharges via micro-USB

Flyp Nebulizer


No tubes nor control units to get in the way.


Barely a whisper thanks to HypersoniQ™ Technology. The internal disk vibrates 2000x faster than a hummingbird’s wings.


Never fear for your next breath. It's there with you — tucked away in your pocket.


Tested 3 years. 18 different, rigorous laboratory tests in all.


Average treatment time of just 7 minutes. Less waiting around.

HypersoniQ Cartridge for Flyp Nebulizer


Internal magnets make attaching the HypersonIQ cartridge a snap.


6ml medication reservoir with an easy-open seal.


A usb-charged internal battery provides days worth of treatments between charging cycles.

No tubes. No limits.
No assembly. No kidding.

Breathe Freely
Family Friendly

Our story

It started with Dr. Ralph Finger, who had the profound wish to thoroughly care for his 6-year-old daughter as she lived with asthma. He saw the nebulizer as cumbersome, complicated and largely incompatible with today’s modern, wellness-focused lifestyles. So he set out to reinvent it; to deliver a better experience. He believed that a simply designed device is best when it’s altogether considerate of the person who uses it.

For Flyp, that means truly understanding and caring for people in a way that goes beyond seeing them as sick and suffering to imagining them as vibrant and active.

Dr Ralph Finger

Our Promise

We believe the journey to better health and wellness should be free of obstruction. But too often, antiquated medical devices seem to get “in the way”; inconsiderate of the modern, active lives we live today.

It’s why we care to create products that not only address your condition but fit the way you live. Designed with leading edge technology, state-of-the-art construction and warrantied for 3 years, we stand behind every Flyp nebulizer.

It’s our way of enduring with you on your journey to better health.


And fits inside this little 3” x 4” x 5.5” box.

Flyp Nebulizer Box